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The PTA are a small group of parents who organise events during the year to help raise funds for the school.  This money is crucial, as it helps make up the deficit of the school budget and allows the school to purchase items they would not normally have been able to.  We are always looking for new members to add to our team, so if you are interested in raising money for your child's school, please email: hermitageptatreasurer@yahoo.co.uk

Currently on the PTA are:

Chair: Elizabeth Rose, Vice Chair: Edie Mathven, Teasurer: Ryan Salmon, Secretary: Holly Gavin.

Members: Gemma Carter, Matt Green, Allana Blaber, Catherine Wells, Alex Wren, Sonia Gurung, Annette Scheepers, Kimberley Gavigan.

First Hand volunteers: Natalie Munir, Deborah Hardy, Becky Richardson, Hayley Putt, Gemma Jackson.

Recent purchases for the school have included:

Sail & Astro Turf for the outdoor area. Playground markings.  Interior of Woodland Lodge.  Roundhouse. Money towards the new fitness trail.  7 x outdoor welly racks. Sound system for the hall. Library books.Outdoor toys for Rabbit class.  Funding towards days out and residential trips.  Coaches for pantomime & swimming lessons. Nativity costumes.  Leavers books. Sports day medals.  Also licences for TTRS, White Rose Maths, Twinkl etc.

Each year we also give every class £300 to choose how to spend. This year the classes will recieve an additional £200 per class.


  • Sweet Treats and Second Uniform Sale - 20th October.
  • Fireworks - 5th November
  • Movie Night - TBC


  • 3rd July - Circus
  • 17th June - Ice Cream Friday
  • 5th June - Village Jubilee Celebrations
  • Dec 2021 - Secret Santa, Bubble Christmas Fayre, Christamas cards.
  • Nov 2021 - Firework Night and Sponsored Walk
  • Oct 2021 - Toy Exchange & Movie Night


What is match funding? Many large companies will 'match' the money their staff raise for charities. This is great for Hermitage Primary School as the PTA is a charity. All income goes towards buying things for the school.

What would I have to do? Typically, our match funders spend time on a PTA stall at either the summer or christmas fayre or firework night. Alternatively, if it's more convenient to them, they can help with planning, setting up of the event or Treasury.

Which companies offer match funding? We are aware all the following companies offer match funding; we would love to hear from you if you work for one of them.

Accenture, American Express, Argos, ARM Holdings, Asda, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BT, Capgemini, Centrica, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, DHL, Diageo, Ernst & Young, Exxon Mobil, First Bus, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Halifax, HSBC, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kingsfisher, KPMG, Lloyds, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, Norwich Union, Pearson, Philips, PWC, Proctor & Gamble, Royal & Sun Alliance, Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell, Tesco, Thames Water & Vodafone.

How important is match funding to Hermitage Primary School? During 2016/17, the PTA received £2,450 in match funding. This was around a quarter of all income last year and arose from 4 parents who work for Vodafone.

How can I get involved? If you think you can help with match funding, simply email: hermitageptatreasurer@yahoo.co.uk

Does the match funder have to be a parent? No, your friends, family or neighbours can be match funders. Match funding is all about companies supporting their staff in raising money for whichever charity they wish to support.

Are there any limits? These vary by company. Vodafone, for instance will give £350 to each staff member helping at PTA events, provided the event makes more than £350. 5 members of staff can claim for each event, meaning £1,750 is potentially available for each event. 

In summary - Match funding is a great way to help the school. It is so easy and we want to make the most of it. An hour of your time can mean the school recieves several hundreds of pounds.



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