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year 5 - Badger class

Our teachers and support staff

Mrs Cowan teaches us on  Monday, Tuesday (alternate), Thursday & Friday

Mrs Vinall teaches us on Tuesday (alternate) and Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs Gardner teaches us on Wednesday morning.

Mrs Smith, Mrs Williams and Miss Dunn are our learning support assistants.

our classroom

"I like how we can be more independent. I like the how the layout of the class is different." - Lola

"I like how we use the gymnastics apparatus in P.E." - Harry G

"I like walking up to Oareborough Hill." - Charlotte

"I like having to run on the Daily Dash." - Max

"I like that we still have Mrs Burnham." - Toby G

"I like the DIY feel to the class." - Lacy

"I like having lockers." - Toby H

"I like Ms Nicholson, Mrs Gardner and Mrs Vinall." - Zoe

"I like the books on display that we can read." - Chloe

"I like how the teachers make the activities fun." - Lauren

"I like waving to lorry drivers on our way back from our walks." - Isabella

Hampton Court

Our trip to Hampton Court was fabulous!!

We had to apply for jobs and learnt about 'The Great Chain of Being' and 'Bouche of Court'.

We now know so much about everyday life in The Tudor Court of Henry VIII.


Below is information about the topics we will cover and the expectations we have in Badger class.  For more information on the curriculum your child will be studying, please contact the class teacher.




In the Summer term there is the Year 5 residential trip to Weymouth & Lulworth Cove.

"I really enjoyed Weymouth because it was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed going to Lulworth Cove, it was an amazing sight." - William

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